Commercial Services

Commercial cleaning needs revolve around the individual business and how they operate.  BPS Southeast cleaning services are available to be scheduled any time during the day or night and can be divided so that it doesn’t financially impact the company all at once. It is important that as much as possible the cleaning service doesn’t affect the ability for a business to function. We want to work together with the companies so that no detail is left out of what they need to provide a clean building to their employees and their clients.
A yearly program can be created for any business to clean parts more frequently than others or large jobs can sometimes be payed out over a space of time while other services are being provided. Entry areas into buildings may need to be serviced more often than areas further into the building. Contracts can be written out to make monthly payments of all services provided over the year so that large services combined with smaller services don’t impact monthly budgets as hard.

  • Very Low Volume Carpet Cleaning

    Environmentally friendly carpet cleaning that uses little water and non-toxic cleaner. Dries in 2 hours or less. After hour scheduling available for commercial accounts and have the ability to do multi-level buildings.

  • Wood Floor Cleaning & Recoating

    Wood floors can take a lot of wear. With our Basic Coatings System, floors can be recoated at night and be ready for traffic in the morning with Street Shoe NXT. This is a TRUE DUSTLESS recoating.

  • Surface Disinfection & Anti-Microbial Protection

    Surfaces can be cleaned and an anti-microbial protector can be applied to inhibit growth of any bacteria, mold, or fungi. It works well in work places, indoor playgrounds, schools, and homes. It helps reduce the spread of bacteria and mold on treated surfaces. Air purifiers are available as well that will kills germs, mold, and odors which can be installed in the duct work or stand alone units can be purchased.

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