Life always has unexpected turns. To help protect against spills and accidents, we offer Micro Seal permanent fabric protector. It can be applied to any type of carpet, any type of rug, and any type of upholstery fabric. It provides an unbeatable protection against staining that doesn’t wear off like the protectors that come with furniture or carpet from the store. Many companies only will guarantee their protectors if the items are cleaned regularly and the product is reapplied each time. Micro Seal is only applied once.
For hard surfaces, such as concrete, pavers, grout, & stone, we use a product that provides a durable yet breathable coating. It enhances the color of the surfaces it is applied to and a sheen can be accomplished with adding more layers to the coating. This can help bring dull surfaces to life with a low to satin finish on pavers and concrete surfaces. It repels products that could cause staining and resist mold and mildew from growing on treated surfaces.
On hard indoor surfaces, we provide anti-microbial protection against germs. The clear coating applied doesn’t change the appearance on any of the surfaces, but provides protection against mold and bacteria from growing on the treated surface. This product, when kept clean, can give protection against bacterial transfer on surfaces that are commonly used by everyone such as doors, counter tops, chairs, and other items. In work places, it can reduce sick leave and in the home it can reduce everyone in the house getting sick when someone catches a bug.

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