Wood Floor Cleaning & Recoating

As a Basic Coating Certified Contractor, any solid wood floor, engineered wood floor, or laminate can be cleaned. Scratches and wear can be filled and the floor recoated so that its original beauty can be restored. With Basic Coatings, hard to remove polishes and cleaners can be taken off restoring the original finish. Changing the sheen on a floor is also an option if you want a more matted look so that the color of the wood stands out more and scratches are less seen.

Commercial wood floor can take a lot of wear in dining areas and sport arenas. With our Basic Coatings System, down time is minimum and the floors will look like they were just finished when done. Unless there is a lot of damage, sanding is not required. This is a TRUE DUSTLESS recoating.

Basic Coatings have little odor, high durability, and high abrasion resistance. They are a number of choices to choose from when selecting what condition your floor is in and what service will fit your needs.

(This cleaning process is also safe to clean Luxury Vinyl and Laminates)

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