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Here in the mountains of Western Carolina, we have made it through a part of history that we never expected. With a virus that has spread through the world, our country and local communities experienced new challenges to how products are sold and bought. If you or any of your family members had contact with someone who was sick, you were to stay at home for at least two weeks. For those who already have some physical issues and are older, they were encouraged to stay away from crowds and large groups. Because of this drastic change in our lifestyle, we have learned to buy more products online and have things delivered to our door steps. BPS Southeast has taken steps to try and offer the same experience with flooring.

As we have come through this past year, many companies we work with have made changes to their website platforms in the flooring market. Because people are shopping at home more, our website as well as many of our vendors have begun to incorporate room visualizers. This allows you to take a picture of your room that you want flooring in and install it on the picture so you can see what it would look like in your home or location that you selected. This helps you select flooring without having to go to a flooring store and then bring a sample home for you to look and see what it looks like. The other benefit is that if you are moving to a new home, you can take the picture from the real estate listing and use it to apply the flooring to and get the local flooring store ready to have it installed before you move in.



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BPS Southeast is located in NC in the tri-city area of Spindale, Rutherfordton, and Forest City. We also service customers from out of state or several hours away in Rutherford County, Polk County, or Henderson County. They can use the room visualizers with our flooring products to see what flooring options they would like to see in their new home. When they come to inspect the home or close on them, we already know what flooring they want and can have the samples ready for them to see in person on site. This allows them to save time and select what they want done with what product before they have to leave again. We can then proceed with the work and have as much as we can finished before they are ready to move in. This process allows us to reach customers in Hendersonville, Columbus, and other cities that may or may not have a flooring store in the area, buy don't have the ability to provide visualization.

Another change we have been making for more people shopping from home is sample ordering. Whether you live in Spindale, or up the mountain in Hendersonville, or in Greenville South Carolina, we are starting to offer products that we can ship samples to your home. So if the flooring store in your area doesn't have something you like, you can look at a number of our products and see if you would like to have a sample without coming to our location. If you like the product, we can work out coming to your home to measure and see what needs to be done to install new flooring for you. If you live in another location that is further away such as Charleston SC or Richmond VA, depending on the product, we can see if you can find out how much you need and drop ship it to a business location of your choice. BPS Southeast will work diligently to help you get the flooring that you want for your home.

For small businesses, we offer commercial carpet squares that you can purchase on our website and have delivered to you. So it doesn't matter where you live, you can buy carpet squares online and then install them yourselves. This helps cut out having to pay someone to come out and measure and then try to sell you a product that may be more expensive because of its name or it is a designer product. If it is a new office space, basement, or personal space that you made, these are good quality products for the price and easy to install. Carpet tile or squares allow you to install flooring over any size area and keep it easy without having to buy multiple tools to put it in. The styles offered are basic entry styles and the most popular colors so that it will look as good as any other name brand product.

As move into 2021, we will continue to offer more to customers who shop from home and want more customer service. There will be more options to order samples online and products that are designed to what customers are looking for. We will offer more products that are made in the USA and other product lines that offer more price ranges from entry cost to medium-cost range. Our product selection will also contain products that are not found in other flooring stores and box stores so that you get a unique flooring selection when shopping. BPS Southeast will continue to look to offer all customers the best product selection as well as ease of shopping. If customers do want to see all our samples, we will still have a showroom that they can come see all the products available. Sometimes window shopping is still the best and final way to make sure you have looked at all your options.