Currently, marketing for flooring can be confusing and customers may only hear what they want to hear. When going to the local flooring store or box store, waterproof flooring seams to what many customers are looking for. Unfortunately, marketing and warranties do not always line up and mean the same thing because somewhere in the fine print there is an asterisk or description that explains it in words that do not mean anything to the buyer. It is these small words and asterisk that protect the manufacturer and leave the customer wondering what happened.

When shopping for waterproof flooring, the details matter in the fine print. Many companies have labeled their products waterproof. Whether they are vinyl, laminate, or newer composite wood flooring they may be waterproof, but within different situations or time frames. This is where the fine print comes into play. Every customer needs to have reasonable expectations for their floors. When manufacturers are advertising waterproof or even water resistant, they are referring to spills, pets, occasionally water leaks, and daily accidents. If you are going to ask about a flood, that is where you are supposed to have insurance to replace the flooring. The material may be fine, but when moisture of any substantial level gets under a flooring, it can create environments for mold. That is why it needs to be removed.

When discussing the actual materials, luxury vinyl is waterproof. It may be made of a vinyl core, wood polymer core (WPC), or stone polymer core (SPC) which all left in a tank of water will not change. This type of flooring is what most people are looking for. Laminate flooring is made of various cores and have different coatings on them. Newer technology has allowed it to become "waterproof" for 72 hours against daily spills and leaks. It has also helped them not swell when steam mops are used to clean the floors. It does not mean that if there was a major accident that the floors would not have to be replaced. It has only allowed them to be used in place of luxury vinyl for a lower price. Laminate has come a long way and the surface many times is more durable than luxury vinyl.

So, when you are purchasing "waterproof flooring" you must read the labels and warranty information. If you do not understand that, go to your local flooring store where you should find a trained salesman who can explain the fine print to you in a more understandable way. If you do not understand the fine print, it could come down to you making a claim and being turned down because it does not fit what is required from the company to get it replaced. If you live in Western NC or Upstate SC, our store is in Rutherford County. We would be glad to answer any of your questions.