This hardwood flooring info could save you time and money

Wood floors come in many different sizes, and you need to know what that means. It doesn't matter if you are installing a small area or a whole house with wood flooring. Understanding some basic things about wood flooring may save you some time and money. Wood flooring can be found in solid planks or engineered planks. Solid means it is the same wood throughout the plank and can be sanded multiple times over its life. Solid planks will also be limited to less than 5" width. They can either be installed using nails or adhesive. An engineered plank is a wood veneer on a layered wood core. This allows the veneer to exceed a 5" width and with a variety of lengths. Some engineered woods may not be able to have the finish sanded and re-finished. It will depend on the quality of the product that is selected. They also will have to be installed using only adhesive and not nails.

Questions to ask when selecting a wood floor

When looking for wood flooring, you must ask a few questions to make sure you get what you want and need. It will also help you determine the hardness, color, style, finish, and installation method. Will you need to consider a solid plank because you plan on having the floors sanded down the road because of children or pets that will scratch the floors over time? Would a lower sheen finish be a better option so that scratches will not stand out? Do you want a more rustic look that shows more knots and character in the wood or a clean more solid color with less character? Are the rooms open that a wider plank may look better or do you want a more traditional look with more narrow planks? Darker floors have a tendency to show more dust, so would a lighter color be a better option? What species is the wood, because that will determine how hard and durable the wood is? Is the finish a durable urethane finish or an oil finish? If you look at an oil-finished product, are you prepared to maintain it over the years? There are many other questions that you may have. These are some of the more core questions that a salesperson should ask so that you get the right product for your home or workplace.

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