When looking for new flooring, carpet will usually be the lowest priced option to start with.  It can also become a very expensive option as well. Starting price can be around $2 and will go up to $30 or more. It can fit in many different budgets whether low or undefined where price isn't an issue. Carpet is also made with different materials that influence the pricing. Polyester fibers will offer lower price point options where New Zealand Wools give you luxury prints and feel. Whatever the range, there is usually a great option for your home.
When building a new home that you are either renting or going to move out of in a few years, carpet can get you into the house with less cost than hard surface options. Even if you are using an entry level carpet such as Newton, it can be a high performing carpet that will last for years. It cleans up with warm water on spills and the heavy-duty polyester fibers hold up well over time not looking worn or showing traffic lanes early. Polyester carpets come in patterns and standard colors so you can have some upscale looks as well as good performance.
If you are looking for long term durability of a floor with a good variety of options, you can look at products such as Proximity Mills. It steps up in price, but gives you a high performance nylon 6/6. These nylon fibers are used in other product lines such as Masland, Fabrica, and Dixie Home.  They are more chemical resistant, wear resistant, and stronger. The prices will vary in many ways because of different thicknesses of the twill, height, and the amount of fibers in a square inch. The more material used, the higher the price as well. The fibers can be shortened, looped, and cut to create multiple pattern options as well using a single color or multiple colors. With all of these options, you can create vary unique and durable room scenes. 
Carpet is great in living areas and recreation areas. It is softer to walk on, which can help reduce body stress, and it is quieter. Carpet helps absorb sounds so when listening to music or watching something the sound is clearer and isn't sharp. When playing on the floor, it is softer and warmer than hard surfaces. Even though you can put a heating system under many hard surfaces, they are not naturally warmer. If you have multiple levels in a home and stairs, it help reduce foot traffic sound so it isn't as loud when there is a lot of heavy walking, running, or jumping.
If you are looking to make a statement with you flooring, carpet also gives you multiple options that can used as room installations, made into rugs, or used as runners. Many carpet lines such as DomaParadiso, or Nourison products allow you to have rooms with very unique colors and patterns. They have blends of polyesters, wool, and other fibers that give you multiple price points. If you have rooms that have these products, you can create rugs in other rooms that have hard surfaces to continue the style through the home.
When carpets are kept clean professionally as well, they help reduce allergens and dust. It captures the floating particles and holds them until you vacuum the carpet. Depending on your foot traffic, you will need to deep clean the carpet every year to year and a half. Some that have lots of traffic may have to do it every 6 months. This will ensure that you get many years of use from your floors and keep them looking new. If anyone waits till there floor looks dirty, no matter what kind it is, is waiting to long and the floors will not look as good after cleaning.
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