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Does it really matter what kind of carpet pad to get?

When you are buying carpet, you also need to pay attention to what kind of pad you are getting. The better the pad, the longer the carpet will last. You also need to be aware that the person who sells you the carpet and pad may not know what they are talking about or they don't have your interest in mind but how much they will make off of you. Selecting the right pad and thickness will help your carpet last longer and perform better.

If you come across those great specials that say free pad with purchase, it may not be really worth it. Using the wrong pad can actually void the warranty of a carpet. The warranty of a carpet may specify what thickness and density for it to last. Pad can be too thin and it can be too thick. Most carpet warranties require 7/16" thickness. When using short piles or berber carpets, it may call for a thinner pad. When selecting a pad for your home, going by how it feels may not be the best thing either. What you feel is called density measured in pounds. The more weight listed on the pad, the better the density is. You will want at least a 6.5 pound pad.

Bonded urethane, bonded polyurethane, and high end memory foam are the names of the type of pad you would like to look for. The best pad would be a 7/16", 8 pound rebond pad for the money. If you want to upgrade, you can get a moisture barrier on the top layer or go to a high end memory foam. The moisture barrier pad, when installed properly, will protect the pad from absorbing pet urine or spills making it easier to clean up. A high end memory foam will have a higher density, and other benefits. Some of those benefits are a moisture barrier, mold & mildew resistance, no VOCs, better sound reduction, and will work over radiant heat. Take time to understand what you are getting.

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