Flooring that is Easy to Install is Great, Right?

If you are installing your own flooring, what are you looking for? Easy to install or do it yourself are easy to find in most retail stores. You want something that will save you money by not having to pay someone to install it for you. It is a great idea to save hundreds if not thousands by doing this.

Unfortunately, this may be a bad idea. Many of the products in retail stores are made specifically for these types of customers. The manufacturers then make a generic locking system to click the flooring together so that it is easy and anyone can do it. This is where the problems come in.

If a floor clicks together really easy, it may also come apart really easy. If you read reviews of retail store products, the long term love for the flooring fades quickly when it starts to come apart. When you go to a flooring store, such as BPS Southeast, many of the products are made with clicking systems that are patented to ensure that they don’t come apart over time.

You will find the name I4F, 5GI, 5GDry, or Uniclic on the samples or boxes of flooring that you purchase. Each one is a clicking system that will ensure that the planks will not come apart or let any liquid through. They may not be as easy to install, but they will ensure a long term installation that will not fail. Because these are patented systems, they also add cost to the flooring since the manufacturer pays to use the systems.

In the end, easy may be great but not the best idea for long term success. You can go to Flooring Store servicing Rutherfordton, North Carolina | BPS Southeast and look at your flooring options there or come to our showroom in Rutherfordton NC. Using proven system will ensure a great installation and a lot of heart ache from seeing your hard earned money go to waste.