What is the best flooring for home theaters?

What are the most important things that the home movie goer needs to get the best experience at home when watching a movie? One is a quality screen that has a good resolution. Two, the sound should be clear and deep. If you have hard surfaces in your room, you may get more echo and sound bouncing that it won’t be as clear.

If you are designing a theater room, it is best to use quality carpet. It helps reduce the echo of the sound and helps create a clearer sound. Crete Dune by Doma - Rutherfordton, North Carolina - BPS Southeast Doma carpet is option because it has a pattern to give the room more style and if you use carpets with wool, they are more fire retardant and stain resistant.

In rooms that already have hard surfaces such as wood, laminate, or vinyl you can either get area rugs or have rugs made if the room is an odd size. Products such as Cosmopolitan Shadowscape C73f Beige by Nourison - Rutherfordton, North Carolina - BPS Southeast have a dense wool surface that can be made into different sized rugs or used in a full room installation. Nourison also has area rugs and runners that can be used under couches or in front of recliners.

Rooms that you want to convert to theater rooms and you are set on using hard surfaces because of how beautiful they are or how easy they are to clean, there are some other products that will help with the sound. Quiet Board QuietBoard® - MP Global Products, LLC is a product that you can install under hardwood, luxury vinyl, and laminate that will help reduce the sound echo in a room. It also has insulation value, moisture protection, and impact reduction. A rug will help if you want to add it, but this will help and you can have the wood look that you want.

In the end, carpet and rugs will help the most to give you a clear and crisp sound out of your sound system. You can have wood or wood looking products, but you will need to do some things to ensure you get the clear sound without the bounce. It will also help to have quality speakers and a good clear screen to enjoy what you are watching.