What is the best inexpensive wood flooring?

There are a lot of companies that will tell you that they have the best. Many are made the same way or very similar. Some product lines are made in the same warehouse and shipped to different companies with different names. Others may be the same product with different names under different manufacturers. 

Some of the differences will be where you buy it and what you consider inexpensive. Wood is a product that you get what you pay for many times. Cheaper wood flooring products may look good, but when installed they show their true colors. They are not straight, the edges may splinter, and the width is not consistent so it shows gaps in the floors.

When buying wood flooring, shop more at your local flooring dealers. Big box stores have a larger selection of products and have a lot of expenses to keep growing. They have to make money to keep their margins up, so there are things in their products that allow them to do that in different ways. Flooring retailers usually have higher priced products, but they must earn your business and to survive they have to have better quality for local customers to come back or recommend them to someone else. There is also more of a desire to help the customer and know more about the products. If a store specializes in a product, they usually know more about it.

As a retail store, I would recommend Newton hardwood flooring as a good inexpensive wood flooring. It is an engineered product that the collections have the most commonly installed colors and styles for those looking for classic looks as well as what is trending. You can find a link to Newton below.

Newton Hardwood Flooring | BPS Southeast in Rutherfordton, NC