What's important when buying flooring? Name or Performance

When I was growing up, name brands on clothes or items that you owned meant a lot. As I have gotten older, that doesn't apply as much. This is for a few reasons. Probably the best reason is that I got a little wiser and have learned more as I have gotten older. The other reasons may be something that we are aware of and others not so much.
In the flooring world, there are names that everyone has heard over the years. Two of them would be Shaw and Mohawk. Others may be Bruce Hardwood, Armstrong, and Stain Master. Depending on what generation you grew up in when you bought your home, it would depend on whose name you may be more familiar with. In the beginning of every great name, there are great products that establish that name. You don't get a good name brand by making bad products.
Over the years, several things have changed to make the flooring market a very different place. As companies grew, they would acquire smaller companies that made different products and would bring them under their name. This allowed for carpet companies to add hardwood, laminate, and other products. This has happened over the years and many great things happened because of this and many not-so-great things.
Another factor that changed the market was the introduction of worldwide manufacturing. This led to the introduction of new companies, products, manufacturing methods, and more. Companies that we had never heard of had the ability to reach our markets and we could reach theirs as well. This also led to the building of plants in other countries to make products that were once made in the US. This would be one of those good and bad outcomes.
One of the last reasons for changes in the market is leadership. As companies merged & changed, the leadership and creators of those companies would change. CEOs of one company would leave to start a new one after a merger or buy out. This would lead to new brands, but with still the great qualities of the other company they left. It may not be the brand you were familiar with, but the quality was the same as others. In some cases, it may end up being better because the leaders had creative control and would come up with a process to make the flooring product better.
Because of all these factors, the name brand in the flooring market is important, but not the determining factor like years before. The performance of any product should determine the quality of the brand. To do this now though it takes a lot more work. With web sites such as FlooringStores.com and Home Flooring Pros you can do your own research to find out who is make the best performing products. Big names can make bad products and small names can make great products. It can work the other way around as well. No matter what flooring product you are looking for, take the time to see what product will fit your budget and that you will get the best performance out of.