Which flooring gets the best Return On Investment (ROI) when selling a home?

When selling a home, sometimes your flooring is at a point where it needs to be replaced or updated to make it more attractive to buyers. Some will look for the cheapest route, and others will look for the product that will make the home more attractive to buyers and get the most our of what they spend.

According to The Best Flooring for Resale Value: Wood, Tile, Carpet, and Beyond| Real Estate News & Insights | realtor.com® Realtor.com, wood flooring has the best return on investment. Wood comes in a variety of finishes, colors, and construction. These will all make a difference depending on how easy or difficult they are to install. It will also help determine if it is an easy DYI product or if you will really need a professional to put it in for you.

A product such as Home Spun Classic Brown by Newton - Rutherfordton, North Carolina - BPS Southeast can be stapled or glued down because of its 5” width. It is a entry level price range and isn’t difficult to install either DYI or by professionals. If you get any wood plank wider than 5”, it will need to be installed using an adhesive. If you can do the installations yourself, then your RIO will be higher.

Some wood flooring don’t have to be glued, stapled, or nailed down. Driftwood Home Natural Oak by Proximity Mills - Rutherfordton, North Carolina - BPS Southeast Driftwood Home is a floating wood floor that is less expensive for installers to install, and it also is a product that an experienced handyman could install. With the click joint installation, the main tools needed would be saws to cut the flooring.

If your looking for a more elegant and designer looking wood flooring, then looking into products such as the Doma products like Woodland Premium Old Ember by Doma - Rutherfordton, North Carolina - BPS Southeast is something to look at. It does require a full glue down installation because of it width, but that is also what makes it look more elegant. The wider and longer boards make the flooring look better than a less expensive option.

Home owners that may not want to sell, but may just keep the home as well, may want to look at Lake & Shore Norton by Paradiso - Rutherfordton, North Carolina - BPS Southeast Paradiso. It is a wood line that has an oil finish which gives it a very elegant visual look and a much richer color. This floors are designed to never have to be sanded and minor scratches can be covered over easily. They also handle pet traffic very well. As the flooring gets worn, all you must do is clean the surface and put some fresh flooring oil on the floor to restore the surface coat. This is great if you decide to rent your home out, use it for families to come together, and plan to use it as a secondary home. When renting, it will make it more attractive to rent, and you can maintain its beauty easier over time.

In the end, wood will always be the best choice for bringing more value to your home. It also has a classic look that many homeowners and buyers love. Whether it is an entry level product, a good DYI product, or an expensive oil finished wood they all will increase your home value. Just take your time to pick what is right for you.