Showroom rug and display at BPS Southeast in Rutherfordton, North Carolina

Why Should I Buy An Area Rug?

There are a lot of reasons to buy an area rug. There are even better reasons to buy good quality area rugs as well. If you have a home with wood, tile, or any other type of hard surface flooring, you may want to consider rugs.  There are several functional reasons and there are designer reasons.

Lets start with some of the functional reasons if you have wood flooring. The first would be to protect the flooring if you have wood floors. You can use rugs under dinner room tables and chairs to protect from scratching the floor when pulling the chairs in and out from under the table. Runners down hallways help reduce the wear on a wood floor and the chances of damaging them from animals running up and down the hallway. Rugs are used at front doors to wipe off dirt from the shoes so that you don’t track it into the home.

If you have tile floors, it may be a little different. Rugs help reduce the echo in a room by absorbing sound. The less soft furniture or carpet you have, the more a room will have an echo or the sound my feel sharp on the ears. Rugs will also be warmer to step on compared to hard surfaces such as tile. Many times there are rugs in front of a bathroom vanity and outside the shower so you not only won’t slip on a wet floor, but won’t have cold feet.

In a bedroom, rugs can just feel really nice with bare feet. A soft, warm, and smooth feeling on the feet can tend to feel better than a hard cool surface. Not to say that some would rather have that hard surface than something soft.

Designer reasons can be hundreds of reasons. Color, style, thickness, and materials can all be something of a personal taste. There are multiple rug companies and carpet companies that make rugs out of carpet. In that, there are thousands of rugs to match different lifestyles, color pallets, design styles, and personal choices. Rugs can have pictures of animals, places, and then can look like a child splashed paint colors all over it. Colors can be vivid, bold, pale, faded, dull, sharp, bright, and dark. There are no limits to what can be done.

Rugs can also be bought anywhere these days online or in multiple stores. They can be cheap and very nice looking. Sometimes not so nice looking. You may even find some you really like. When you buy from companies such as a flooring store or furniture store locally, most of the time you are getting a more expensive, but better made product. The type of material used to make rugs, how it is woven, the type of backing that holds it together, and the quality of the design are factors in the price. It also helps the local economy. Buying online only helps the box store or warehouse it comes from. You will also find rugs in local stores that will have the quality to be passed on to others later on. Quality rugs can last for decades. You will be able to feel the difference. You will also have the help from the design teams to help you select the right rug for you. They can explain to you the difference in pricing, materials, and quality to help you make the right decision.

Here at BPS Southeast Flooring, we have partnered up with Nourison Rugs. They offer not only pre-made rugs in different sizes, but also broadloom products that can be made to fit whatever shape you need. The offer hand loomed and machine loomed products to create multiple rug options for a home. We are located South of Asheville NC, West of Charlotte NC, and North of Greenville & Spartanburg SC. We have multiple displays and catalogs for rugs in our 3,000 ft. showroom here in the foothills of North Carolina.

Take time to visit BPS Southeast Flooring/Area Rugs or Nourison Rugs and Broadloom to see all the different options available. If you find something on Nourison's website that you like, just click Contact BPS Southeast Flooring,  to tell us what you want. Let us help you decorate your home and make it yours.