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Low moisture carpet cleaning


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BPS Southeast is a locally owned business, and we're dedicated to providing you with superior floor cleaning services. You can count on us to use our resources to help create a healthy and clean indoor environment for you. Removing harmful contaminants from your living space or workplace will ensure your good health.

Cleaning the carpet not only extends the life of your flooring, but it creates a healthier living space. Carpet naturally collects particles from the air. Professionally cleaning your flooring helps remove them from the flooring because regular cleaning isn't enough. Many warranties are void if the flooring is not professionally cleaned regularly.

We can handle all your indoor and outdoor cleaning needs. Rest assured knowing we provide services based on your needs. To provide the latest technology that will help improve the air quality, we've partnered with GreenTech Environmental. Contact us today for superior cleaning services.

Low-moisture carpet cleaning services

This method of carpet cleaning is fast, effective, and cleans better than many other methods. Soiling is removed from the fibers using quality cleaning pads. High agitation breaks soiling free and leaves a solution that continues to clean as it dries.

Are you looking to get your carpets cleaned? Trust the cleaners at BPS Southeast to provide you with low-moisture carpet cleaning services. The solution used to clean the carpet dries into a crystal structure. This structure breaks off the carpet fibers and can be vacuumed.

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Carpet cleaning in commercial locations can take time to coordinate and complete because of hours of operation and the needs of the employees. We work our hardest to minimize any disruption of your work schedule.

Our process allows us to work quieter than truck mounts and we don't have hoses laying around the floor going outside. We can go inside buildings and lock the doors behind us for security. No matter the size of the building, the equipment fits into elevators and allows for multi story buildings to get cleaned.

For residential and commercial locations, is a very important service that we take very seriously. Even though the two are carried out differently, they are both just as necessary and just as crucial for the longevity of your floor covering.

We'd like to give you a little more information on how the two services are carried out and why they're just what you need for your floor coverings. Whether commercial or residential, let's find out more.


Explaining residential carpet cleaning

In residential carpet cleaning, it's important to know what to expect when getting your carpet cleaned. Heavy furniture that hasn't moved, doesn't need to be moved to clean under. Only pieces that have heavy foot traffic around them or they get moved often. Please point out any stains that you are concerned with. Knowing what spilled in a spot helps us to know what cleaners to use on them.

Not only does residential carpet cleaning help make your floors look better, but they also remove allergens, bacteria, and sources than can eventually lead to foul odors. Once these are gone, you'll be able to see, feel, and smell the difference for yourself.

Whether you have a cleaning crew come in regularly or have a cleaning staff in a commercial location, it is always a good idea to work with other professionals to maintain your flooring. Many cleaning crews and companies don't invest in equipment that will give you the same results as our team. We want to work with your staff or crew to help you keep your home or work place clean.

You may even be surprised to find that proper cleaning can prolong the life of your carpet and save you money in the long run, as you won't need to replace the carpet until years later. A soiled carpet can look worn, on the other hand, and lead you to replace the flooring prematurely. It can also affect how a person sees your home or work place. Dirty floors tend to deter many people from coming back.

No matter which type of carpet cleaning you need, be sure to contact us today. We can schedule an appointment or answer any important questions, and we look forward to working with you.

Low moisture carpet cleaning in Spindale, NC from BPS Southeast

Why low moisture carpet cleaning?


  • Environmentally friendly – uses less water than hot water extraction
  • Eliminates any chance for a cleaner residue to attract any dirt after cleaning
  • Dries faster than hot water extraction
  • Safe for all types of carpet
  • Allows you to lock up the building while you're working – helpful for banks and other high-security workplaces
  • Tested to clean better than hot water extraction alone.


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BPS Southeast is a proud one-stop flooring shop, providing materials and services you can truly rely on in your time of need. Our team members are trained, experienced, and completely dedicated to making sure your project is completed to perfection.

From our showroom in Spindale, North Carolina, we proudly serve the communities ofSpindale, NC, Asheville, NC, Hendersonville, NC, Columbus, NC, Lake Lure, NC, and Saluda, NC. Visit or contact us today for all your residential and commercial carpet cleaning needs.