Tile and grout cleaning


We will get the job done, thorough tile and grout cleaning

Cleaning grout and tiles can be a tough job and requires special equipment. The staff at BPS Southeast is experienced and well equipped to clean tiles and grout thoroughly. Mopping the floor with solution sometimes leaves a residue that collects dust faster making the floor dirtier. Commercial kitchen floors require special attention because of all the food grease and traffic which impacts the dirt into the grout and tile.

We’ll clean the dirt and soil collected over time using a heavy-duty brush. With the right cleaning solution, there won’t be any residue left. Pressure cleaning will rinse out the rest of the soiling leaving it clean and looking new. ealing the grout & tile after cleaning will also allow the floors to be kept clean easier and longer. We offer sealers for residential and commercial applications. Contact us today!

Commercial tile cleaning

ou’ll be pleased to know that we work around your schedule for your convenience. Count on us for all your commercial tile and grout cleaning needs. We’ll use a variety of cleaners for the best job.

Once your floors are clean, sealers are available for any natural stone, grout, or complete areas to help them stay clean and easy to maintain. Also available are coatings that help reduce germ counts when kept clean.

We pre-treat the floor and use products containing useful enzymes that help clean the toughest of dirt and grime without affecting you or your pets.



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98.6% of bacteria is removed from tile, stone, and grout.