Do you have a story to tell about your flooring?

Everyone has a story to tell. Whether good or bad, sad or happy, boring or exciting, everyone has a story to tell. Sometimes we just don’t know the whole story. If you buy your flooring from a box store, you may not have much of a story to tell. When you buy from a retail store, you may find out that your flooring is more than just a new floor. It has a story to go with it that makes it even more exciting than just getting a new floor.

When you go to Lowes, Home Depot, Floors & Décor, you go there to find what you want and to get it and leave. You may have to order something for you, but you got what you wanted and you either loved your flooring or you got it done within your budget. Any way you look at it, you have new flooring to enjoy and to show everyone. That’s great or is it.

Have you ever wondered what it took to get your flooring made? Where did it come from? Where did the idea come from for the design or colors? How long did it take to make your flooring? There is a lot of questions that can be asked, but only a few places that have the answers and the stories behind it.

Let’s take carpet as an example. You can go to any store and find carpet. It is cheap or expensive, and it comes in different colors and patterns. There, you’re done. Now let’s add some history and a little story to it. The original carpet was made from sheep’s wool. It is still made that way today, but only by certain companies. Other fibers or materials have replaced wool since these materials such as polyester and nylon are easier and less expensive to make. They are less expensive, but wool will still outlast and outperform those any day of the week.

Another benefit of wool is that it is a totally natural product. It is as green as you can get. It is also more durable and has a longer wear life than the other materials. The original is still the best. It does cost more though. You can find that wool is also great for unique rugs, runners, and full room installations. Nourison Home provides everything to make your home your own. They have standard rug sizes aswell as the options to customize your rugs to fit the spaces you have. Woolrugs come machine tufted, or they are hand loomed so that you have your ownindividual rug that may look similar to the pattern shown but is as unique as the person who bought it. Nourison also has the ability to customize the rug completely with your own pattern and style so that you can have what you want, how you want it.

Let’s tell the story of another product. Wood flooring is one of the oldest types of flooring in the world. It can tell the story of an old barn, a mill that was converted into a office, a tree that came from the forest where men died in World War 2. It can create more than just a beautiful room but can create an atmosphere of history and pride that you have in your home or workspace. It is also a very green and environmentally sound product. You can plant more, and when taken care of it will last for years. If you have to replace it, the wood will break back down and become apart of the Earth again.

When I visited my family farm in Wisconsin, you could look inside the barn and see the long timbers holding up the ceiling and walls. The timbers came from the land and were cut down by my Uncle Vic and his brother. The stone foundation was made of the stone that came from the field that was plowed up. The barn wasn’t just part of the property, but part of history.

Smaller wood flooring companies can have stories like that as well. Hallmark Floors is one of those companies that you can just listen to the employees and learn so much. The White Oak that Hallmark uses is specifically selected from a part of Europe where the trees are also used specifically for wine barrels and have high tannin levels.

Another part of the story is how they create such beautiful colors. Planks are stained by adding airborne ammonia to the planks. Factors of how much tannin is in the board and how close it is to the surface affect how the boards change color. What time of year, and how old the trees are, will have an impact on the results as well. This process gives the boards a color that stain can’t replicate. This process gives the boards colors and depth of color that you won’t find in a box store or even in a sand and finish wood flooring job. is one of their collections that it takes at least 2 weeks to get the wood veneer treated and the color just right. They have found a way to replicate what nature takes years to do in creating a natural color in the wood that goes deeper than just the surface, but through to whole veneer.

There are other companies that have stories to tell in retail stores. Some consist of the owners’ hand curating the colors of the flooring colors, and others talk about how they are 3rd and 4th generation flooring salesman and manufacturers. They take pride in what they do and what they make. Others can tell you of how their father created whole new products in the flooring industry and changed how people bought flooring. You can have the boring products from the box stores, or you can have something that you can tell your friends and family for years to come. Visit local retail stores such as BPS Southeast Flooring and find the flooring that tells a story and that it is more than just new flooring.

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