Luxury Vinyl Tile in Spindale, NC from BPS Southeast

Does the brand of Luxury Vinyl Tile or Waterproof Flooring make a difference?

Vinyl flooring has been around for over 30 years. It has evolved over time to what we see today from sheet goods to individual planks or tiles. It has been within the last 10 years or so that the term COREtec and waterproof flooring has become common. COREtec was created in Asia and developed by USFloors. Later it was purchased by Shaw Flooring. What most people don't realize though is COREtec is a trademark more than anything now. The technology used to create the product is available in other lines and manufacturers.

There are a number of companies that have been in the vinyl market for over 30 to 40 years. Each company has made advances in the technology in different ways. What made COREtec a game-changer in the market was the core that was used to press the vinyl print on. It was made of a wood composite that was created during the research that was being used to create composite decking material such as Trex. They were able to create a more dense and thinner material to create a sheet-like product that they could use as a waterproof core.

The technology wasn't unique to COREtec alone, but they are the ones that first started the trademark and marketing for waterproof flooring. Other companies over the years have used the same technology to create their own waterproof flooring. They can't use the trademark name COREtec, but they have found ways to market their own waterproof core. Earthwerks refers to their line as the CORE Collection. Happy Feet International refers to their construction as Stabilicor. Floors for Life refer to their core as Flex Core. No matter who you use, the technology is very similar. Some may even come out of the same plants in Asia, but different prints are applied for different companies.

When you are looking for waterproof flooring, don't get tied up in trademark names. When it comes down to quality, look into the whole flooring construction. The core is important, but so is thickness, width, wear layers, quality of the print, embossing, click system, and protective coatings. All these things matter when you add them up and put them together. Don't let the trademark names keep you from finding the flooring that you will love in your home. Each company makes different styles that are unique to them. Use that information to find unique prints and colors that you love.

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