What is a good flooring for a rental house?

When thinking of renting a home, you always know the flooring is going to take a beating. I worked in property maintenance for over 10 years and saw things that some only think exist in movies. Pathways though a home because clothes, stuff, furniture, and food are everywhere but in a single path through the home. Others may use bleach and water to mop the flooring. Someone stores their motorcycle in their house because they don't want it stolen. There are so many things, what do you choose?

Whatever you choose, you want it to be durable or easily replaced without spending much. If you go durable, you may want to look at laminate or vinyl flooring. With either of these options, you will need to buy something found in a local flooring retail store such as BPS Southeast Flooring. You could go online to the website https://www.bpssoutheast.com/ and look at products and get samples. What you will find at box stores is cheap, but not the type of quality you want to last. You will find more durable options in flooring retail stores. You can even find discounts at times with larger orders if you have multiple projects.

Many renters have gone to using laminate or luxury vinyl throughout the entire home so that they won't have to replace the flooring after a renter moves out. Carpet is a lower cost product, but it can be soiled to the point of having to be replaced easily if it is in living spaces and hallways. Food stains, heavy traffic, and more can destroy carpet quickly. You can have the option though of putting laminate or vinyl in all the living spaces and carpet in just the bedrooms. This sometimes works having all the bedrooms separate from each other by a hard surface in the hallway. If one room has its carpet destroyed, it is easy and cheap to replace a single room instead of an entire apartment. This makes the bedrooms a little more comfortable and quiet for renters.

A more expensive route is having tile through the whole apartment. It is durable and almost impossible to destroy during a daily routine. The only downfall is that tile is the most expensive option. Most renters want durable, but not invincible so tile is not a great option. If you are looking to get a higher rent with tenants that take better care of their home, hardened wood flooring is a good option. Engineered hardwood that is treated to be 2x to 3x harder than regular wood flooring and it can take the abuse and still look beautiful. There are newer technologies that make this wood flooring a great option for rentals and getting a higher rent. https://www.bpssoutheast.com/d/proximity-mills-enduring-oxford-hardwood/pm-ekdp63l16wee-ah and https://www.bpssoutheast.com/d/proximity-mills-everlasting-honeyburge-hardwood/pm-ekdp74l66wee-ah are two collections that are made to take a beating by large pets and families.

Whatever you choose for your flooring option, take time to see what your local flooring retail store has. You could be surprised of the options they have that are much better looking and priced better than what a box store may have. The flooring industry is always striving to find ways to make flooring more beautiful and durable. Local retail stores work with smaller manufacturers that think outside the box to design new products. Large box stores want to keep things simple and easy to sell. Many of there products have warranties, but the long term duribility won't be compared to what is in the retail store.